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Emanuela P.

Emanuela P.

Nijmegen, Netherlands
  • Psychology
Psychology graduate and tutor in the Netherlands.
Hi, my name is Emanuela! I've just graduated from Psychology in the UK, and I'm currently doing my master's studies in the wonderful Nijmegen. I'm hap...
  • Psychology
Psychology graduate and tutor in the Netherlands.
Hi, my name is Emanuela! I've just graduated from Psychology in the UK, and I'm currently doing my master's studies in the wonderful Nijmegen. I'm hap...
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Frequently Asked Questions

👉 What are the main objectives of studying Psychology?

Psychology is a vast and complex field of study that focuses on the human mind, behaviour, and development. Studying Psychology can help individuals understand the many aspects that influence how humans think, act, and interact with others in their everyday lives. The main objectives of studying Psychology are to understand why people behave the way they do, identify patterns in behaviour, enhance personal relationships with others and increase one’s ability to manage stress.

By studying Psychology, individuals can gain insight into psychological theories such as cognitive-behavioural theory or psychoanalytic theory, which help explain why people act in specific ways. Additionally, psychologists can identify common traits among individuals with similar behaviours, such as anger management problems or depression symptoms.

👉 What are the benefits of hiring a private Psychology tutor?

Hiring a private Psychology tutor can be incredibly beneficial for those who want to brush up on their knowledge; having one-on-one tuition with an experienced professional is invaluable.

A good tutor will have extensive experience in Psychology, so they can help you develop an understanding of both fundamental principles as well as more complex topics. They also have access to resources that may not be available in traditional educational settings, such as online courses or publications, which could broaden their knowledge base further.

👉 What tutoring services do our Psychology tutors provide?

A Psychology tutor is a specialised educator that provides individualised attention and instruction to help students improve their understanding of psychological concepts. With the right tutor, learners can become more confident in comprehending and applying psychological theories. 

Psychology tutoring services can provide personalised guidance and feedback on coursework, so students understand complex topics such as behaviourism, cognitive Psychology and psychodynamic theory. Most tutors will use effective teaching methods like discussion boards, one-on-one meetings and online resources to break down challenging theories into manageable sections. In addition, they will guide students through problem sets or lab experiments and discuss current events related to Psychology topics to help them gain insight into real-life applications of various theories.

👉 Can a Psychology tutor help me understand complex psychological concepts?

A Psychology tutor can provide personalised instruction tailored to your individual needs, meaning you don’t have to struggle with concepts that you already feel comfortable with. 

Psychology tutors are generally well-versed in the subject matter and have years of experience helping others understand what can seem like daunting material. With their help and guidance, you’ll have access to resources and personalised strategies for understanding the difficult concepts in Psychology more easily. Not only do they provide support, but tutors also offer valuable insight into the world of Psychology, so you’ll gain a deeper understanding than if studying alone.

👉 How many sessions should I have with a Psychology tutor?

It all depends on your individual needs and goals. Two to four tutoring sessions should be sufficient if you are looking for help in understanding a particular concept or need support in studying for an upcoming exam. On the other hand, if your goal is to develop better study habits or develop a deeper understanding of Psychology topics over time, then more frequent and ongoing tutoring can be beneficial. 

In order to determine the right number of sessions for you, consider talking with the tutor about what kind of help they can provide and what their expectations are regarding progress. They will likely have helpful suggestions based on their experience working with students like yourself.

👉 What is the cost of a Psychology tutor?

The average cost of a private Psychology tutor may vary depending on various factors such as location, tutor's experience and the duration of the tutoring sessions. Additionally, parents or students may discuss and reach a mutually agreed upon price for tutoring sessions with the tutors. Our experienced Psychology tutors are available for both one-on-one lessons and online group classes.

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